Comprehensive Pumping Guide - Online Workshop

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Are you looking for a way to make pumping work for you?


Have you ever thought to yourself, "I wish there was one place I could get all of the pumping information I need"? Whether you're a first time mama or a veteran mama, there's information in this guide for everyone. Find the tools you need to have a successful pumping journey within this guide!  

Learn Why Size Matters

Unsure of your flange size? Lets determine your best fitting flange together! Real pictures and videos are included to show you real-life demonstrations of what pumping should look like!

Looking For a Schedule?

Learn how many pumping sessions are needed to maintain or build an adequate breastmilk supply. Free downloadable pumping schedules based on how many sessions you need per day included!

Trying to Prevent a Clog?

Learn all about the common causes of clogged ducts, how to prevent and manage them if they happen to you! Weaning methods included for reducing pump sessions and ending a breastfeeding journey safely.

What else is included?!

How to effectively use a breast pump

Tips for increasing your breastmilk supply

How to manage sore nipples

Timelines of changing pump parts

How to use your frozen breastmilk

Safe storage and handling of breastmilk

  Lectures are a combination of video and written text to maximize your learning experience at your own pace!

My Journey in Lactation


After two very different breastfeeding journeys and just recently completing one year of exclusively pumping, I knew that a comprehensive pumping guide could have helped me greatly!

After helping over 50 mamas in private counseling sessions, I've been able to see what the most common barriers to a successful pumping journey are.

I've taken all of my knowledge and hands-on experience to create a guide to continue helping mamas be successful in their breastfeeding journeys!


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