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Welcome Mamas!

When I began baremotherhood in 2017, I wanted to be as open and honest about my journey in motherhood. My two breastfeeding journeys along with my healthcare background inspired me to become a lactation counselor so that I can help mamas all over the world feel supported in a way I wish I would have been as a first time mom.

Too often we only see the happy moments portrayed or the picture worthy ones. Don’t be afraid to bare all the beautiful and difficult parts of your journey because we are all in this together. So go ahead mama and bare your motherhood 🤍

Prenatal Session

This package includes a 45 minute session for pregnant moms looking to prepare for their breastfeeding journey. Topics include nursing positions, latching techniques, breast pump selection, how to use your breast pump, flange sizing and how to start pumping.


Pumping Support Session

This package includes a 45 minute session to discuss areas of concern including flange sizing, increasing supply, personalized schedules, preparing for pumping at work, and managing an oversupply. 7 days of text support following session.


Flange Sizing

This package does not include a virtual session. You will select a date and time as placeholder for your text support. This package includes 4 days of text support where pictures and videos will be provided to ensure proper flange size.


Weaning Session

This package includes a 30 minute session to discuss a personalized weaning schedule to prevent clogged ducts and painful engorgement. 4 days of text support following session.


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