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Session Types

Prenatal Session: This package includes a 45 minute session for pregnant moms looking to prepare for pumping. Topics include breast pump selection, how to use, flange sizing and how to start pumping.

Pumping Consultation Session: This package includes a 45 minute session to discuss areas of concern including flange sizing, increasing supply, personalized schedules and oversupply. 7 days of text support following session.

Follow up Session: This package includes a 30 minute follow up session after an initial consult. Topics include updating a personalized pumping plan, back to work, and oversupply management. 4 days of text support following session.

Weaning Session: This package includes a 30 minute session to discuss a personalized weaning schedule to prevent clogged ducts and painful engorgement. 4 days of text support following session.

Flange Sizing: This package does not include a virtual session.  You will select a date and time as placeholder for your text support. This package includes 4 days of text support where pictures and videos will be provided to ensure proper flange size. 

Continued Text Support: This package is for those who have already completed one of the above sessions within the past 3 months. If your session was longer than 3 months ago, please book a follow up session. Text support will be provided for one additional week with automatic subscription charge for subsequent weeks. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

I am currently 4 weeks postpartum and feeling extremely confident in my transition from exclusively nursing to exclusively pumping. Casey was able to find out my correct flange size and it was such a relief that I was actually making what I was suppose to be making. I plan on continuing to work with Casey and I am very confident I will reach my goals! I am amazed with the information that was also provided on top of our consultation and I am forever grateful. I will definitely recommend her to anyone in need of help, she is very understanding and feels like a total relief after talking to her. Please do not hesitate to reach out to her if support is needed on your journey.

Lizzie Elston
Unbelievably grateful for Casey’s help! 🤍

I genuinely did not believe it was possible to increase my supply at 15 weeks postpartum as I thought I had tried everything. Casey helped me do this and gave me the confidence I needed. It felt amazing to be listened to and understood as so many of my friends and family have no idea why I would want to exclusively pump and encourage formula to make life easier but that is not a help! Not many people understand pumping and so her expertise is rare.
I can’t thank Casey enough for the help and support, provided in a gentle way working with no judgement. It has been the best thing I did for our feeding journey and my only regret is wishing I had booked a consult much sooner.

Exactly what I needed!

At 6mo post partum, I had worked with several lactation consultants but none that understood pumping as well as Casey. It was so nice to have someone finally show me how to use my pump and get the right flange size for me! Together we worked out a plan that worked for me and throughout the process, Casey made me feel supported and understood without pushing an agenda.

I cannot thank you enough for the support I’ve gotten from baremotherhood and the private consult!

Rosa D
Incredible support and guidance

Couldn’t recommend Casey enough! Met with her one week post partum to kick start my pumping journey. She was incredibly understanding of the haze I was in, answered all my questions honestly and openly. The text support that followed was so helpful in trouble shooting my flange sizing and other questions.

Back to work with confidence

I was stressing out about going back to work with low milk supply. Casey helped me with a pumping schedule, tips and flange sizing. I’ve been back a week and not only have I’ve been able to have the bottles for my baby at daycare but I was able to freeze 6 bags last night!

She was nice and kind and helped me so much!